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Barnsley Chronicle 26-02-2016 BBC Web Site Border Telegraph - 2  Border Telegraph Border Telegraph - 3  Border Telegraph
Border Telegraph 05-03-2014 Website Border Telegraph 05-03-2014 Border Telegraph  Border Telegraph Burntisland Supplement (Dunfermline Press) 02-2015
Cat World - 1  Cat World Magazine Cat World - 2  Cat World Magazine Cat World - 3  Cat World Magazine Cat World - 4  Cat World Magazine
DBS Magazine 2014 Dundee Courier Photographic Competition(2) Dundee Courier Photographic Competition. Dundee Courier September 2013
Dundee Courier Dunfermline Press -  July 2014 Dunfermline Press - April 2014 Dunfermline Press - August 2013
Dunfermline Press - July 2015 Dunfermline Press - June 2013 Dunfermline Press - September 2013 Dunfermline Press 26-02-2015
Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser Evening Express Forth Bridge Heritage Comp (2013) (2) Forth Bridge Heritage Comp (2013)
Hotel Costa Narejos Marlin Magazine 01-2015 Perspective Magazine (11-2016)NEW Perth Races Race Card Advert
Press and Journal Newspaper Qatar Photo Competition Race Programme (Perth)  EPSON MFP image SAAB Owners Club (1)
SAAB Owners Club (2) SAAB Owners Club (3) Scottish Field (1) Scottish Field (2)
Scottish Field (3) STV - Weather Broadcast Tennants - Sports Photographer The Sun (Website) 23-08-2016)
The Sun 23-08-2016)  EPSON MFP image Times - Star Treehouse Sporting Colours